Recent Lecture by Douglas A. Sweeney “Human Flourishing in the Augustinian Tradition: Jonathan Edwards”

Most recently, within the circuit of Jonathan Edwards scholarship, Doug Sweeney gave an excellent lecture entitled “Human Flourishing in the Augustinian Tradition: Jonathan Edwards” at the Commonweal Project Spring Colloquium on April 28, 2017 at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. In short, the Commonweal Project is an initiative to equip Christians in general, and pastors in particular, with a biblical theology of work and economics. Below is the access to the lecture.

Sweeney is the Chair of the Church History & History of Christian Thought, and the Director of the Jonathan Edwards Center at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He is one of the editors of the Works of Jonathan Edwards, and has published numerous articles and books on Edwards including his latest offering Edwards the Exegete.

Click here for more information about The Commonweal Project.

–Guest post by John T. Lowe (@johntlowe). John is a Ph.D. Candidate at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He received his B.A. from the University of Louisville, and his M.Div., and Th.M. from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

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Spring 2017: Updates from Ken Minkema has a few updates for our readers in the ever-advancing world of Jonathan Edwards-related research and study. Here you go!

1. Study Edwards this Summer at Yale. 

First, the Edwards summer course at Yale has now been announced. It will be entitled, “Jonathan Edwards and the Enlightenment: Free Will and Conversion.” The dates will be June 12-16; from 9:00 – 11:30am. The speakers will be Paul Helm, Ken Minkema, and Adrian Neele. Paul Helm is the special guest instructor; King’s College, London, Emeritus, a renowned expert on Reformed theology and Jonathan Edwards.

To get you excited about Paul Helm as the featured speaker, here is a list of his publications.


Per Ken Minkema, what follows is the course description:

Jonathan Edwards’ relationship with the Enlightenment of the eighteenth century is traditionally viewed as conflicted, condemning many of its aspects and viewing them as antithetical to Christianity. Yet, he embraced many Enlightenment figures and ideas. As part of the ongoing general reassessment of the Enlightenment that stresses the religious nature of the movement, this course, through primary readings by Edwards and contemporary writers and through interpretive literature, will look at Edwards’ thought on a key Enlightenment topic: the nature of the human self, particularly the nature of the will. We will look at how Edwards’ context, the specific challenges he faced, shaped the solutions at which he arrived. Along the way we will consider the debate over whether Edwards, in his formulation of the will, departed from or stayed within Reformed orthodox strictures.

Check out for more info.
2. The JE Encyclopedia is Headed to Print! 

Secondly, per Ken Minkema, “The final draft of the Jonathan Edwards Encyclopedia was submitted to Eerdmans at the end of last year and is currently in production. Preliminary estimates say our newborn will weigh in at 700 pages.” This is excellent news, as well as a very healthy birth-girth! Our opinion is that this will instantly become a classic in the field of Jonathan Edwards studies, and will likely be THE must have work about Edwards for the year 2017. As soon as it becomes available, will get our hands on a copy to do a full video and written review.

For more information on the Edwards encyclopedia, see our archived interview with Ken Minkema last April. In that interview, Minkema described the JE Encyclopedia as the definitive “go-to source for quick information on a given idea, writing, person, place, or event in Edwards’s life, along with a few sources with which a reader can follow up to further explore.”

3. New V&R Books.

Reminding our readers that the JEC (Jonathan Edwards Study Center at Yale University) has a special deal with Vanderhoeck & Ruprecht in Germany to bring to press a series of new directions in Edwards’ studies. Here is a quick glance at what has already come to print. According to Minkema, the following describes what’s next on the printing press with the JEC/V&R partnership…

The next installment in the “New Directions in Jonathan Edwards Studies” from Vanderhoeck & Ruprecht is Charles Phillips’ Edwards Amasa Park: The Last Edwardsean. Charlie is the National Program Officer with the Maclellan Foundation of Chattanooga, Tenn. An excerpt from his description of the book reads: “Park drew creatively on the intellectual resources at hand to re-cast his inherited orthodox Calvinism in the new conditions of the nineteenth century. The New Rhetoric and common-sense epistemology from the Scottish Enlightenment, methodological principles from the German mediating theologians, the fresh affective sensibilities of his audience as dictated by the bracing stream of Romanticism from England —all were used by Park to create a broadly relevant orthodox synthesis in the innovative spirit of Jonathan Edwards and his theological successors.”

4. Northampton Church Records

Next, our readers might be interested to know that the Northampton Church Records have been scanned and are on line via the “New England’s Hidden Histories” project at the Congregational Library, Boston. Readers can go to and follow the links. Minkema told me that this is the church’s first book, started by Eleazar Mather in 1654, and contains entries by Solomon Stoddard, Jonathan Edwards, and John Hooker.

5. Forthcoming Works

Finally, Ken Minkema along with Kyle Strobel, and Adriaan Neele are together working on an Edwards volume for the Classics of Western Spirituality series (published by Paulist Press). This series already contains other works by timeless writers such as Julian of Norwich,  Saint John of the Cross, John and Charles Wesley and many others. The series generally focuses on the great writers in the genres of prayer, piety, and mysticism. This new volume on Edwards will contain some classic texts illustrating Edwards’ piety as well as some “previously unpublished documents.” Can’t wait to see what those might be!

Edwards Conference 2016 Audio Links

2016 Talks & Sermons

We’ve got all the audio links up and ready for your thoughtful consideration, thanks to the good and kind folks who sponsored the Edwards Conference 2016 this year.


Revd Dr Kevin Bidwell
Devotion on Matthew 6  –  The Lord’s Prayer & the Glory of God

Revd Iain H Murray
“Jonathan Edwards & Preparation for Revival

Revd Dr Gerald McDermott
“Can Reason Tell Us Anything About God? Edwards Against Modern Protestant Theology”

Revd Dr William Schweitzer
“A True Sense of the Glory of God: Jonathan Edwards & the Beatific Vision”

Revd Andrew Kerr
Sermon on: The Glory of God in Isaiah 6:1-8  –  Motivation for Ministry

Revd Dr Kevin Bidwell
Devotion on 2 Thessalonians: 2  –  The Glory of God in the Day of The Lord 

Revd Dr Iain D Campbell
“Religious Affections to the Glory of God”

Dr Douglas Sweeney
“God Glorified through the Forward March of Time: Jonathan Edwards & the History of Redemption”

Revd Dr Guy Waters
“Jonathan Edwards, The Gospel of John, & the Glory of God”

Revd Dr Michael Bräutigam
“Jonathan Edwards on the Transformative Power of Contemplating the Beauty of Jesus Christ”

Panel Discussion


2014 Jonathan Edwards Conference in England

Here are all the talks from the 2014 Jonathan Edwards Conference in England. Edwards for the Church


Gerry McDermott: Directing Souls: What Pastors Today Can Learn From
Edwards’ Ministry
With questions
Without questions

William Schweitzer: Faithful Ministers are Conduits of the Means of Grace
With questions
Without questions

Stephen Nichols: Edwards and the Bible
With questions
Without questions

Roy Mellor: When the Road is Rough: Staying With What Matters Most
With questions
Without questions

Douglas Sweeney: Edwards on the Divinity, Necessity, and Power of the Word
of God in the World
With questions
Without questions

Michael Brautigam: Our God is an Awesome God: Sharing Jonathan Edwards’
Vision of God’s Excellencies
With questions
Without questions

Nicholas Batzig: Jonathan Edwards: Preaching Christ in the Song of Songs
With questions
Without questions

All Speakers: Panel Discussion

Kevin Bidwell: Morning Devotions Day 1
Without hymns
With hymns

Eric Alldritt: Morning Devotions Day 2
Without hymns
With hymns

William Macleod: Sermon on Revival
Full service
Reading and sermon only


Upcoming Edwards Conference 2016

The Jonathan Edwards Conference is coming again June 9th and 10th at the Radison Blu Hotel in Durham. Speakers include: Michael BräutigamIain D CampbellGerald McDermottRoy MellorIain MurrayWilliam SchweitzerDouglas Sweeney, and Guy Waters.

Conference speakers will be focusing on the theme: “Jonathan Edwards, For the Church: The Ministry and Means of Grace” corresponding the the 2015 book of the same title with chapters contributed by the conference speakers. [But the book here]. 

Edwards for the Church

Per the official website:

Jonathan Edwards For the Church is a conference to encourage the church in the UK.  In a day of confusion, we pray it would be in the hands of Almighty God an instrument for reformation and revival.  The topic for 2016 is one that delighted and animated Jonathan Edwards throughout his fruitful life: the Glory of God.  Come join us; the speakers will have ministers or men training for ministry particularly in mind as they prepare, but all of God’s people are welcome.

A notable feature of the recovery of the Reformed faith in the United Kingdom was God’s use of American theologian Jonathan Edwards in the ministries and lives of the leaders. Thomas Chalmers, Charles Spurgeon, A. W. Pink, John Murray, and D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones all considered the discovery of Edwards’ writings as turning points in their ministries. Indeed, it is at least possible that the qualitative influence of Edwards has been greater here than it has been among the American church. Jonathan Edwards for the Church seeks to promote such usefulness in a new generation.