EdwardsStudies.com is devoted to the theology, philosophy, and writings of Rev. Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758). Jonathan Edwards was a Colonial-era Puritan, congregational pastor in the Reformed/Calvinistic tradition, philosopher, and missionary.

During his lifetime, he published several significant works describing the the local Northampton revivals of 1735 while clarifying and defending the much wider-spread “Great Awakening” revivals of 1740-42 (A Faithful Narrative, Some Thoughts on the Present Revival etc.) He also wrote major works related to the Christian life and experience (The Religious Affections, etc.). This is in addition to his voluminous and comprehensive sermons, and his more personal writings such as his Resolutions and Miscellanies. Finally, Jonathan Edwards wrote some towering works on philosophy and ethics (The End for Which God Created the World, Original Sin, Freedom of the Will, The Nature of True Virtue). Towards the latter stages of his career, Edwards served as a missionary to Native Americans in Stockbridge, and had a very brief tenure as the President of Princeton College in New Jersey.

This site is devoted to discussing matters related to Jonathan Edwards’s life, thought, and ministry. On this page you will find brief synopses of Edwards’s works, interviews with noted Edwards scholars, updates on JE publications, books, and conferences, and short video reviews recommending Edwards sources.

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