Help! I need a basic Edwards bibliography for seminary!

Dr. Everhard,

First, I would like to thank you for your YouTube channel. I happened upon it by chance and have been blessed by it ever since. Now, to the primary reason I’m sending this question. I have a question regarding research and Jonathan Edwards. I have just started at Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary on the MDIV track. In one class, I have to pick two reserach topics to create two bibliographies. I want to create at least one on Jonathan Edwards; however, I am not sure what topic to pick. Whatever topic I choose needs to be able to support 8-12 books, 20-30 articles (including dictionary and encyclopedia entries), and 8-12 Internet links (to substantial information). I was wondering if you could give me a few recommendations that I could study? In my undergrad, we were always given the topics, so I’m struggling to make my mind up on a narrow field. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

For His glory and honor,



Well, the book section will be easy enough! Pretty much everything Jonathan Edwards ever wrote is here on the site; this is the standard and most highly respected Edwards content available, utilized by all serious scholars. These are available both in print (volumes 1-26) and in digital form (volumes 1-72). Aside from that, you may consider the Edwards Studies online journal here. And there is an entire Edwards Encyclopedia available here in print so that covers that. Anything philosophical could be found in the Stanford site, highly regarded for sure.

As far as topics go, the world is your playground with Edwards! He wrote so much, you can do practically any topic you want: God, faith, Trinity, predestination, the will, baptism, Lord’s Supper, angels, revivals, preaching. Pick something interesting and dig in! If you need ideas, check his Miscellanies as a place to get started! Hope that helps!

Yours in Christ,

Dr. Matthew Everhard D.MIN.


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