Edwards Conference 2016 Audio Links

2016 Talks & Sermons

We’ve got all the audio links up and ready for your thoughtful consideration, thanks to the good and kind folks who sponsored the Edwards Conference 2016 this year.


Revd Dr Kevin Bidwell
Devotion on Matthew 6  –  The Lord’s Prayer & the Glory of God

Revd Iain H Murray
“Jonathan Edwards & Preparation for Revival

Revd Dr Gerald McDermott
“Can Reason Tell Us Anything About God? Edwards Against Modern Protestant Theology”

Revd Dr William Schweitzer
“A True Sense of the Glory of God: Jonathan Edwards & the Beatific Vision”

Revd Andrew Kerr
Sermon on: The Glory of God in Isaiah 6:1-8  –  Motivation for Ministry

Revd Dr Kevin Bidwell
Devotion on 2 Thessalonians: 2  –  The Glory of God in the Day of The Lord 

Revd Dr Iain D Campbell
“Religious Affections to the Glory of God”

Dr Douglas Sweeney
“God Glorified through the Forward March of Time: Jonathan Edwards & the History of Redemption”

Revd Dr Guy Waters
“Jonathan Edwards, The Gospel of John, & the Glory of God”

Revd Dr Michael Bräutigam
“Jonathan Edwards on the Transformative Power of Contemplating the Beauty of Jesus Christ”

Panel Discussion



Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God: Voiced by Max McClean

Here is a YouTube Video featuring Edwards’s most well known sermon, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.” In this video, the great Max McClean reads the sermon in the distinguished voice and ethos that only he can perform.

This sermon, and many others of Edwards’s most well known pieces of pulpit oratory can be found in the Hendrickson version of Jonathan Edwards’s sermons. 

2014 Jonathan Edwards Conference in England

Here are all the talks from the 2014 Jonathan Edwards Conference in England. Edwards for the Church


Gerry McDermott: Directing Souls: What Pastors Today Can Learn From
Edwards’ Ministry
With questions
Without questions

William Schweitzer: Faithful Ministers are Conduits of the Means of Grace
With questions
Without questions

Stephen Nichols: Edwards and the Bible
With questions
Without questions

Roy Mellor: When the Road is Rough: Staying With What Matters Most
With questions
Without questions

Douglas Sweeney: Edwards on the Divinity, Necessity, and Power of the Word
of God in the World
With questions
Without questions

Michael Brautigam: Our God is an Awesome God: Sharing Jonathan Edwards’
Vision of God’s Excellencies
With questions
Without questions

Nicholas Batzig: Jonathan Edwards: Preaching Christ in the Song of Songs
With questions
Without questions

All Speakers: Panel Discussion

Kevin Bidwell: Morning Devotions Day 1
Without hymns
With hymns

Eric Alldritt: Morning Devotions Day 2
Without hymns
With hymns

William Macleod: Sermon on Revival
Full service
Reading and sermon only


The Sermon that Reignited the Edwards Craze of the 1990’s: John Piper’s “The Pastor as Theologian”

At his 1988 Pastor’s Conference at Bethlehem Baptist Church, John Piper preached his first “Biography” message which would launch an annual tradition and a new genre category on the greatly helpful Desiring God site. Each year subsequently, Piper would read the works of one particular pastor, theologian, or missionary and give a biographical sketch at one portion of the conference. Most year’s he would then take questions for the time remaining.

For the first year, Piper chose as his subject – ultimately the first of many such sketches – his dead mentor, Jonathan Edwards. In this message, Piper sketches Edwards’s life, and gives a short history of the Bethlehem Pastor’s own reading of Edwards: first with An Essay on the Trinity, then The Freedom of the Will, The Nature of True Virtue, and the Religious Affections.

For me as for many of the new young Edwards enthusiasts, this talk sparked an interest in the man and the message of Jonathan Edwards. Piper passionately showed how the Northampton Puritan simultaneously held his “God-besotted worldview” with a massively beautiful God, how he labored daily to enjoy the Scriptures God gave the Church, as well as how Edwards maintained vigorous study habits throughout his days with Bible and pen in hand.

I suspect that this single message was as responsible as any other individual factor (although there were many) in relaunching the Edwards craze among young scholars. Piper’s passionate plea to take up the worldview of Edwards, with its gloriously central view of God’s sovereignty, and to take it back into pulpits all over the world.

Here is the audio link.