New Project Announced: Edwards and the Dark Side of the Enlightenment is happy to report that there is a new call for papers for an exciting collaborative research and writing project coming up this year. This announcement was made just the other day on the site, and we are pleased to reissue the call here.

The title of the new work is tentatively slated as Edwards and the Dark Side of the Enlightenment, and the volume is scheduled to be edited by Daniel N. Gullotta and John T. Lowe. The plan is to publish this work in the “New Directions in Jonathan Edwards Studies” series, in cooperation with the Edwards Center at Yale University, a development which we reported first here back in April of 2016 in our interview with Ken Minkema.

As mentioned in that conversation with Minkema, the New Directions series will be brought forward by German publisher Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht (V&R)  in cooperation with the Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale University. Another excellent volume in this series that has been already released was also covered here at when we discussed Michal Choinski’s excellent work, The Rhetoric of the Revival including an author interview related to the same title.


As for the new work regarding Edwards and the Enlightenment, what follows is the description of the proposed volume provided by the editors, along with some suggested foci for possible chapter contributions:

The editors of the proposed volume, Jonathan Edwards and the Dark Side of the Enlightenment, are seeking chapter contributions of 5000-7000 words. Chapters should focus on Jonathan Edwards’ in relation to some subject of the eighteenth-century Enlightenment. Suggested topics include: political economy and the expansion of trade and/or capitalism; language, epistemology and the organization of knowledge; human rights, and thinking about war and peace; slavery and the question of racism; the place of women in the home and in the church; international relations; the social hierarchy; hysteria, superstition, and pseudo-science; poverty and the marginal of society; anthropocentrism and ecological dominance; Native Americans and colonialism; British imperialism; etc. Other related but not listed topics would be welcomed as well. The chapters shall be arranged into thematic sections. Contributors must use The Chicago Manual of Style and conform to the norms of the Jonathan Edwards Center (see the Jonathan Edwards Studies Journal). plans to have a full interview with John T. Lowe in the coming days. At that time, we hope to detail this project in fuller measure for the benefit of our readers and possible contributors.

Deadlines: For qualified contributors, the timeline for participating in this project is as follows:

  • Deadline for Abstracts: Apr. 30th, 2017. (300 Words and CV sent to and
  • Answer to Authors: May 31th, 2017.
  • Full Chapters to Submitted: Dec. 31st, 2017.

For More Exciting Edwards Information: 


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