Discussion Questions for “Heaven is a World of Love”

[For the full text of “Heaven is a World of Love” see here].


  1. Give a big, overall summary of Edwards’s view of Heaven. What is it like?
  2. Why is it important to think about Heaven regularly?
  3. Do you see Christendom (the Church) becoming perfect this side of heaven? What do the saints worshipping in Heaven have that we lack here?
  4. In heaven will we see the Father, the Son, Holy Spirit and the crucified Christ (God-man)?
  5. How does Edwards’s conception of Heaven differ (if at all) from what the average person on the street thinks about Heaven?
  6. Do we have to be “holy” to be united with our heavenly Father? A number of times JE connected us here on earth being holy to be united with the Father, “and us if we are holy, to be united with them there” (heaven).
  7. In Glory will we have any concern or attention focused on anybody but the glorious Lord?
  8. JE says, “Those that are highest in glory, are those that are highest in holiness”. Is there a merit system or hierarchy of achieving rewards for our place in heaven?
  9. Do you long to see Jesus? How do you prepare? Do you have any regrets?
  10. At times do you find yourself bursting with emotion, heart pounding, tears welling up, but no words worthy of how you’re feeling towards our great God? What do you do? Do you hold back the tears in fear of bellowing out some indescribable guttural utterances amidst sobs and uncontrollable weeping? Is there anyone else that feels the way you do?
  11. Does anything he says here surprise you about Heaven? Open up new vistas for you? Confuse you?
  12. If you have read “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” how does this sermon compare?
  13. How did this sermon spur Edwards’s hearers on towards a holy life?
  14. Why does Edwards NOT think that all persons are going to experience Heaven equally?
  15. What does Edwards think about Hell as mentioned in this sermon?
  16. How does Edwards encourage us to bear difficulties in this life?
  17. Read Revelation 21 and 22. Does Edwards’s view of Heaven seem to comport with what we know about Heaven from the Bible?
  18. According to Edwards, what will we DO in Heaven?
  19. According to Edwards, will we know people in Heaven? What will we think of them?

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